Cease from Anger




(Prov: 19: 5-9)

I read a scripture from the word that made my spirit soar
We are not to fight our battles, we are not to go to war
We are to seek peace and win souls that are lost in sin
In order to do this, we must use the spirit that lives within

The Lord will fight our battles, our minds we are to keep clear
No anger or malice within our hearts, or the devil's head will rear
The spirit of man is the candle of the lord that lives within our heart
God uses this candle to search within so love will not depart

Cease from strife, keep peace, love and joy so all around can see
When in anger you feel you must go, quickly drop on bended knee
Lift your head unto the Lord, pray for strength to bear
For anger is a burden and you donít want it to be there

After hearing the promises, we are not to fulfill the laws of the flesh
We are to perfect holiness and peace, for God we should do our best
He gave his best for us to show there was a better way
So donít be angry or hurt , unless God prevails, they will have their day

Pray for mercy for their soul, for they shall not escape His wrath
Just make sure your heart is clean and that will clear your path
For God to work a miracle in your life and give food for your soul
Remember Gods love and mercy is something that never grows old

So pray for your enemies and take them before your God and for mercy plea
So when the candle begins the search, a clean soul in you He shall see

© By Harriett Dash 1998