Burden Church

I see an old church beside of the road
You can tell its carried a many of a load
Can you imagine the burdens that were left there
The tears , the sorrows the everyday cares.

A church has to be strong and stand tall
To hold the heartbreak of us all
Just think if it crumbled with every care
There wouldn’t be any churches any where.

But if God is the foundation and the support
And Jesus the corner stone, it’ll be like a fort
Our protection from the elements of the storm
We must be real and not go to fashion or form.

The vines do snuggle and hold on so tight
I feel a gentle breeze blowing through the night
I feel like the vine with arms outstretched
If I hold on till the end , it's heaven I’ll get.

Through the tinted windows the sun does shine
Sparkles of morning dew and Jesus on my mind
I feel a presence like I have never felt before
I think I’ll enter through the door.

"Yes, He’s here at the appointed time
I accept you Lord, I know I’m thine.

By Harriett Dash 1999