Broken Heart 

Lora, A friend in time of need

I looked at her and I cried softly in my heart.
For there was a tear in her eye and she was torn apart.
No one could see but me, but that was enough.
I had been there myself and I knew it was going to be rough.

I reached out my hand and as she took it she broke down.
I held her in my arms and we knelt on the ground.
She placed a kiss upon his coffin so dark and gray.
I knew the memory of his love would never fade away.

She took a rose from the bouquet and put it next to her breast.
Now she was to face her life alone and do her best.
She looked at me and I could see it in eyes so clear.
The look that I had faced, the fear.

No one knows unless they have been there when death is at the door.
The nights of tears and  darkness and sleeping on the floor.
Not wanting to face the empty bed without him lying there.
No one to fill  the hours of time, no one to care.

There was nothing I could do except explain with time the wound will  mend.
But at this moment I knew she thought the pain would never end.
As long as you need me I told her, call and I'll be near.
So I just held her in my arms and whispered but for now I am here.

By Harriett Dash          Home