Books of the Bible

From Genesis to revelations the word of God will stand
Handed down from generation to generation for the life of man
He gave us a promise written upon our hearts to stay
From the Garden to the  burning bush He says not to stray.

In the beginning He gave us everything we would need
But the heart of man would not heed
So then in the middle He sent his son to die
All we did was break his heart and make him cry.

He used His prophets of old and disciples of new
But man was simple and knew not what to do
We turned them aside so He worked it another way
Sent his son but not to stay.

Gave us another chance to wear armor as a shield
We not knowing that Christ was real
Discarded it and tossed it aside
Stood and watched as His son for us died.

Now in Revelations it comes to an end for us all
No matter how great or how small
We all have to answer the question of all time
Jesus will say do you belong to Satan, or are you mine.

Hold the word close to your heart and know
It tells  you the answer as to where you can go
As it flashes before you stop and think
Its either  up into heaven or into hell you will sink.

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By Harriett Dash 2001      

Picture at top and bottom animation, not a part Creations by Dawn.