Bird Duty

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I looked out into my yard and what did I see
A little bird working as busy as a bee
She was pulling at the grass that had been cut away
To put it in her house and give her babies a place to lay.

I can hear the chirping and the singing as on my porch I sit
I know they are working toward a goal which they will get
I just wonder with all the hard work
Has  there ever been a bird from their duties that shirk.

It seems to me they are all busy doing their thing
Never fussing or fighting, they all seem to sing
They have a song in their heart as they go for the goal in life
There is joy in what they are doing no fusing or strife.

One flies to the top and the other below
Always flipping around always on the go
You would think there was little time as the work goes on
Still always singing their song.

Wish we as mankind could be that way
Make the best of our life and fill each day
With happiness and joy and love for one another
Like those little birds they seem to love each other.

We could take a lesson if we could watch and learn
If for the fellowship our hearts would yearn
Stop look and listen the next time you see
Those little birds working as busy as a little bee.

By Harriett Dash 2001      Home