Be Gone Fear

Fear not  For I am with you.  Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  Isaiah 41:10

I am ready for battle

I will not claim it, in my heart this fear
Just because my Savior has not yet appeared.

This that has come upon me has it's rightful place
But it shall be hidden behind the glory of my Savior's face.

I say I will not, no I will not yield
For in Ephesians it says I have a shield.

So darkness must flee and go away
Where faith is fear cannot stay.

If I do what so ever is good from fear I will be free
This is what my Jesus is saying unto me.

There shall be evil and scary things to come
But I will keep my faith and know His will be done.

My shield shall quench the fiery dart
If I keep the faith within my heart.

So I say get thee behind me moment of fear
For now I feel my Savior near.

I feel His spirit upon me to make me bold for my Lord
I now have my shield, my helmet and my sword.

I am ready for battle

by Harriett Dash 2002  

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