Now I know you may think I am prejudice, but that's okay by me.
But I think they were beautiful, as you can see.
Two  gorgeous young ladies waiting for their groom.
Knowing they were the most beautiful women in the room. 

As they walked down the isle, all were shocked at their glow.
They were perfect in every way, putting on a beautiful show.
Each walked down the isle, as all stood to look.
It was like a fairy tale from a story book.

All dressed in white with shimming veils on their head.
Down to the altar by their father they were led.
As Steve and Bill looked on, you could see the gleam in their eye.
They knew their brides were perfect, you could hear them sigh.

And until this day, they both have unflawed love.
God knew what He was doing when He sent this from above.
I still smile when I see them and when they hold each others hand.
I know these girls know they got the right man.

They are still as lovely as they were back then.
They still have that gift their men's hearts to win.
So maybe one day 50 years from now.
They'll walk down the isle and renew their wedding vow.

What God put together no one can tear apart.
He will stitch with love, threads to each heart.
And as I see them now I know it was meant to be.
A love everlasting for all the world to see.

By Harriett Dash   Dec. 2003       Home

Artwork by Penny Parker, visit her site HERE