Back to Mother's arms


Sometimes its hard growing old and not in Moms arms to be
The day is here I wish for her just to hold me
I remember the times no matter the age she would hug me and say
Just remember my darling you're never in my way.

You can always come and talk no matter what the problem may be
For no matter the age your Mother I'll always be
Its hard to be an orphan when up in age you are
It seems the heartbreak will never end such a deep dark scar.

The hurt is different, the pain seems to go so deep
No matter the age when Mom is there its easier to get to sleep
The kiss upon your troubled brow and always a place to turn
But now I set at a cold dark grave and for her arms do yearn.

I remember when I was troubled, she could look at my face and see
There was something on my mind, something bothering me
I was all grown but she knew exactly what to say
To see me through the cares of life and put me on my way.

There is no love like a Mothers love because in her body we grew
As well as she loved herself you knew she loved you
To be flesh of her flesh and blood of her blood
There's nothing like it in this world, a Mothers love.

But now all grown up I have to be
Because her face no longer can I see
Even though I miss my Mom, she had to take her heavenly flight
But I wish for her just one more time to make me a child tonight.

By Harriett Dash 2001  


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