A Very Special Toy

I bought this toy for a special child.
She looked it over but didnít crack a smile.
I then began to worry was this gift not right.
She put it beneath her out of my sight.

She then began to jump on it and hit it on the floor.
I wondered if this toy could take very much more.
She bit it on the nose and chewed till it was wet.
I then thought she was finished, but no not yet.

She pulled on its arms and then pulled on his legs and shirt.
The toy did not fight back it didnít seem to be hurt.
She threw it in the air and watched it fall with a thump.
Then rolled it and rolled it into a great big clump.

She then put it close to her mouth and kissed it with glee.
She put a smile upon her face and looked straight at me.
Then I knew it was right and had stood the test.
I had done good, Granny had bought the best.

© By Harriett Dash 2002    


(teddy bear with heart, not a part of web set)