Aunt Shirley

From all the kids who never said thank you for all you have done
Thank You!

Now this is a woman who puts up with us all
She's a little woman but to us very tall
We  know she keeps Uncle Harold under control
He tries to do what he is told.

He loves her as we all do but don't say
She always gave us gifts on our special day
As babies we see now the pretty things she did make for us
We knew she was a lady we could all trust.

To get us something we did like and to be there in a time of need
Being  a school secretary was a big help indeed
We even in our teen years could go to her for help on  anything
She was there for us even after the bell did ring.

I know she thinks we don't remember but we really do
We love you Aunt Shirley  even though we didn't tell you
You don't have to be a Mother to have a Mothers heart
Aunt Shirley is proof of this because of our life she is a big part.

You may be small but we know you are there
And for us you will always care
Never change Aunt Shirley be the person you are right now
And forgive us for not saying we love you but know we do somehow.

Thank you for all the gifts and baby clothes you made for us
Everybody needs an Aunt Shirley this is a must.

By Harriett Dash 2001  

Harold and Shirley

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