Aunt Rachel Dash 

I relived some memories the other day in my mind
Precious ones, one of a kind.
You know how happy thoughts will fill your heart
Good memories that are deep within that never part.

Just kinda hide for the right day to appear.
Ones you hold so very dear.
The family gathered and out they came
Events were shared and memories were the same.

We laughed and cried but that was okay
Because they were happy thoughts that never went away.
We used to visit and around the piano wed sing
Songs about Jesus and living again.

Ron would lift his head high and the words would flow
Even the angels had to sing I know.
Aunt Rachel had her book with words all written down
As we looked for a song, no one made a sound.

Then there it was, as music filled the room
To all these songs Ron knew the tune.
Then Id watch Liz, Rose and Brenda look at their Mom eyes
As tears of love flowed, wed all cried.

Oh yes, these are memories we save for a bright shiny day
To share with each other to make sadness go away.
With family love and Jesus Christ in our heart
The world can never tear us apart.

If She were here I'm sure to her children she would say
I will see you in the rapture some sweet day.

by Harriett Dash 2003



Ron & Aunt Rachel