A True Daughter

(To Faye: My Daughter)

This is a word of life from me to you
To say thanks for all the things you do.
It seems when I think a thought
It's your attention I have caught.

You try your best to make my dreams come true
This I know you set out to do.
You're my reflection in the mirror on the wall
For when in need, upon you I can call.

If I think a thought during the day
The phone rings and you're on your way.
Just the word is all I must speak
And for the answer you do seek.

I look around know what I see
All the things you have done for me.
You show your love in an outward way
Not just once, but every day.

This I want the world to see
Your love is very precious to me.
Sometimes your hands I must smack
For what I want, make you put back.

That's what I love about you
You think of me in all you do.
Don't ever change from being my girl
You're the hopes and dreams in a Mother's world.

You do not have to give birth to a child to make it your own.
This poem proves just a  little love will go a long ways.
This young lady has always been a daughter to me and
made my life much easier  because of the love she has for me.

By Harriett Dash 1999  


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