A Special Person named Mamie

Harriett and Mamie

You know in your life God has a plan laid out for you
He wants to make you happy in everything you do
Well, like a storm or should I say a Hurricane.

This woman into our lives came
She was a little different from all the rest
She like a queen was very well dressed
All prim and proper she'd rant and rave
About salvation and the way to get saved.

She was a breath of fresh air  in a dried out land
She could whip the devil with one hand
She knew the word and could hold her own way
She taught us to hold on and how in church to stay.

Never give up don't let the devil a battle win
That's what he wants...  you back out in sin
She'd shout the word and about his kingdom to come
She told us about the Father and about the Son.

How he gave his life for us, heaven to gain
Every excuse not to be saved was sick and lame
She was a tower of strength and a  lady too
She was great in all she set out to do.

Thank God she was a friend to me
She helped me in my world of Christianity
Life is fun and loving God is better
She fit His idea of a preacher to the letter.

She placed him first and foremost in her life
She loved the Lord, her Jesus Christ
I can hear her praying alone and on her knees
It was for the sinner she would plead.

God was first in her worship and praise
If you spoke against Him her temper would raise
She'd shout the word and set you straight
And tell you about the pearly gate.

Now its seems like we are apart
But she'll always have a place in my heart
"Oh yes, someday in heaven we will meet
Together to walk down the golden street.

By Harriett Dash 1984          Home