A Smile For A Friend
(Coat Of Many Colors)
There is a song that's special and has behind it a smile
A person I know likes it and makes it a song worthwhile.
The lyrics are beautiful and it says a great deal
About a person and their life, one thatís very real.
A coat made by their mother with stitches carefully sown
She still remembers it even though sheís all grown.
A coat of many colors with each stitch a song sung worthwhile
One that would take her off to school with grace and style.
The children laughed but in her heart she knew with love
This coat of many colors was made with hands now up above.
She didnít cry or get mad but told the story to them standing there
Of how her Mom had made the coat with so much loving care.
They stopped laughing and ask to touch it and this she let them do
See she said, feel the presence of love, just like I told you.
This coat of many colors was made special for this little girl
One that would sing and stir the music world.
But one day this friend ask me to sing with him this song 
I warned with this words, I canít sing, to ask me would be wrong.
With music all I do is put the CD in.
To hear what comes from this mouth would truly be a sin.
So we all laughed and then I began to smile
But I can do one thing, I think would be worth while.
I can stand in for Dolly, donít start without me
Off I went to dress like Dolly for all the world to see!

© by Harriett Dash 6/23/06 
Midi Coat Of Many Colors  Heavenly Midis