Ask The Lord


Have you ever wondered why things pass in your life,
Have you ever wondered what happened to yesterdays strife?
Well I happen to ask one day, I said "God,
What happened to the paths my feet have trod?"

He said, "Well, now let me see
Yes, here they are right next to me.
You see I take all your troubles and sorrows too
I store them in a box for you.

Sometimes you seem to like to carry them around
And that's when I send them back down.
There are days you seemed to like to feel blue
That's when I send them back down to you.

Now I don't like to do this but if it's what you want of yesterday
I can send them all by your way.
Now I say, Don't live in the past but for today
Let all my blessing come your way.

I have a real big box of blessing I need to give out
All you have to do is whisper Jesus, you don't even have to shout.
Sometimes all you have to do is just think of me
I'm here for you and can supply all that you need.

So now if you wonder where your troubles are just ask God
He'll tell you he has a better path for our feet to trod.
So I'm looking toward the future now and not looking back
Hopefully those troubles will not  slip through the cracks.

So you see I know better now, I let go and I forget them fast
I live for a better future and not for the past.
I feel so much better knowing my troubles are in  His hand
Because I know for my life he has a better plan.

By Harriett Dash  1/10/04