Artist at Work

To be a writer or an artist of any kind.
Has quite a job to keep new thoughts in  mind.
It’s not something everyone can do.
Its a blessing for us to pass on to you.

We try to tell you about dreams and make them come true.
We try to pass on our thoughts to you.
We tell you of the past and of the future we see.
Of things that happen and of things that could be.

We are thinkers and dreamers with idea’s of our own.
Things we’d like to share and be known.
We share our life with you and a secret thought.
And sometimes up in your life we are caught.

We know all about happiness and sadness to.
These are things we have all been through.
We just have a gift of saying what we feel.
To help your struggle up a lonely hill.

You’re not alone for we are here.
God has let us know your happiness and your fear.
So a true artist is someone with an idea and a gift.
Someone to give your heart a lift.

Don’t be deceived by just a poem and a rhyme.
You’ll feel the heart of a true artist with the reading of each line.
Each line will touch you in a special way.
To give you the heart to make it through another day.

© by Harriett Dash 2003