Arise, He called to death.

The young child laid upon the bed.
With her Mother crying above her head.
The broken hearts and  tears that fell.
All the family going through hell.

Jesus was walking down the path and felt the pain.
And knew to heal was to gain.
He spoke "Arise", that was all he said.
Then the child arose from the dead.

Jesus is still walking down the dusty road.
Looking to relieve your heavy load.
He's always on call, this you need to know.
To say "Arise Burden", if you'll let go.

Sometimes we cling to death and can't understand.
That Jesus walked on earth and lived as a man.
His earthly father suffered and he died.
I know with all my heart that Jesus cried.

He watched as his mother cling to the cross and scream in agony.
I know she begged, please come back to me.
Let me hold you my child, just one more time.
My baby, my son once more be mine.

But she had to let go and believe he was coming back.
Faith is one thing she could not lack.
For if she thought he was gone forever I feel for sure.
The pain she could not endure.

So believe and know it'll all be okay.
There will come a better day.
Wipe those tears from your eyes.
Hold up that chin and say to your spirit "Arise".

By Harriett Dash