Are You Sleeping?
John Seigler

I remember the day the Lord claimed your soul:
That was the day for him, you became so bold:
There you stood in the doorway, half in and half out:
The Spirit of the Lord cried with a shout:
Accept me please, I'm here waiting for you:
I want to be a part in all you set out to do:
Bro. John you always smiled as you reached out your hand:
I think of you like foot prints in the sand:

You lifted us up even when you felt bad:
No one knew  when in your heart you were sad:
We are unhappy because you left us alone:
But the Father had his reason for calling you home:
As the church doors open and we look around:
We know you've been called to higher ground:
You were always there for us to see:
Standing with outstreached hand or on bended knee:

You were the light in the window it was time for church to start:
When you left it placed a crack in all our hearts:
When you look down please smile on us:
We know you are a soldier up there we all can trust:
Rest easy now and know all to soon:
You can move over and for us all make room:

We love you, see you soon.

By Harriett Dash 2001