A  Princess
(To My Niece: Laura Jaber)


I watched her as a baby and into a woman grow
I prayed Lord please take it really slow.
It seems as if yesterday she was my baby girl
Now she's becoming all grown up to face this great big world.

It seems as if yesterday she ran to me and  I held her in my arms
Now I look at her and see such grown up charm.
I should have realized all to soon it would happen to me
I thought of it as just happening to others not for me to see.

I look at  children all around and say all to soon they'll go away
Not knowing it was my child others would also say.
But she's my princess and I know no matter how old 
When she has a problem  she'll remember what  she was told.

I'll always be her Mother no matter the age she gets to be
And  still in years to come she knows she can always come to me.
When I look at her a tear comes to my eye
How could it be so many years have passed  by.

But I will look from my heart  like a Mother would do
You'll always be my baby and I'll always be here for  you.
So I say to you Dear Laura,  enjoy your life and stay young and free
And always know my darling you will have me.

I have put the angels all around you to keep you safe and secure
So watch out for the devil and his earthly lure.
You are God's  child and you are mine
I will love you as He loves you my darling for all time.

By Harriett Dash 2001  

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