A New Name In Glory

There's a new name written down in Glory, its part of the truth.
Just like the woman whose name was Ruth.
It wasn't her name that meant so much.
But it was what happen after the Master's touch.

She was known as a Believer, now that's the important thing.
A Believer is one that to the Master does cling.
So in the Bible your name is written if you were touched by his hand.
Your heart is different and you're a new woman or man.

So if you search the Bible I am sure your name you will find.
Your name has changed to the Believer because you've changed your mind.
So if anyone ask what's your biblical name.
Tell them Believer because you've changed.

To be a Believer, is the greatest thing to be.
Because it comes from thinking  W.W.J.D.
Yes, think for a moment, What Would Jesus Do?
And as a Believer,  His presence will overpower you.

by Harriett Dash  2004