"My Sleepy Man: An Affair to remember"


I'm sleepy when I get up and sleepy when I go to bed:
I think of a nap in between, will I ever get ahead:
If just once I could sleep through the day and night:
I believe I could make it and be quite alright:

I can wake up at seven and go to bed at ten:
I'm ready by one o'clock to start all over again:
A little so called cat nap for some people might be okay:
But those little things just get in my way:

I look around and see the couch against the wall:
I sway..get dizzy..and then began to fall:
It folds  around me and hugs me oh so tight:
And then I know, I'm down for the night:

Dedicated to my Husband

There is something about an affair with the couch by a man:
A woman no matter how good just can't seem to understand:

By Harriett Dash 1999