"Always My Love"

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You left me alone, what am I to do:
How can I live in a world without you:
At the breakfast table with coffee  in my cup:
You were my reason for getting up:

Around the table the things we did share:
To be loved by you and know you were there:
How can I make it without the touch of your hand:
In my life, my love, you were the only man:

The laughter we shared, the jokes you told:
No matter the times I heard never grew old:
The walks we took in the open field:
To talk of dreams that someday would be real:

I remember our talks of a world to be:
But without you, I look but cannot see:
It was our dream, just you and I:
Why did you leave me,''Why, "Why?

I touched the gloves you wore on your hand:
I cry and weep, "I just don't understand:
This feeling of being alone, what am I to do:
Answer me please, how can I live in a world without you:

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By Harriett Dash 1998  

Always My Love was inspired as I watched someone lose a husband
that I know meant the world to them..
It broke my heart as I felt within their feelings. 
I am sure you can relate to this if you have lost someone.