Alone   Together Thoughts

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Thoughts are running  through my mind as if there is no end 
"Why am I sitting here trying to think as  where to begin
I place my life into the hands of the reader as to where I must go
Are my thoughts your thoughts, if not will  soon be so.

For as you read, yourself you will see, typing on pages blank
Just writing in black and white the things which you think
My mind is  wandering what's in yours at this moment in time
I must wait till it comes to me, just what is on your mind.

"OH, yes.. now I see the empty place in your vacant soul
The thoughts of how alone you are and how you are growing old
Will there be a caring one with whom to share my tattered thought
Of how it is to be alone and in black and white  am caught.

The misery of loneliness to not with  someone share
The fact you feel as if there is no one to really care
But you see my friend there is, for you are not alone
For in my thoughts you are here in my heart and  my home.

For as I write in this pen of Black and white, my thought is of you
To think of what you think and all the things you do
I now smile as it comes to mind you are reading this
For upon your forehead feel a cool hand and I place a kiss.

You are not alone!

By Harriett Dash  1999  

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