Alone, But Life Goes On

Have you ever been in the mist of a crowd and still felt you  were alone
Have you sat in the room with your family but still not feel at home
There are days I feel this way, I know not the reason why
There are feelings and emotions that are deep within that pass by and by.

They seem to come and go like the breeze we feel at the end of the rain
But  the darkness that lies within still remains the same
Sometimes I laugh and then to cry seems the best
To release all the tensions within to put them all to rest.

I hope it will all pass and its just a mind game of nature's course
The happiness then quickly right after comes remorse
I hate this feeling I love to laugh and play
So I keep in my head this will leave as soon as I receive another day.

I know every 24 hours we can our life renew
It would seem  better if it were all through
This being a woman seems like a test of mind
I know that sounds like an age old line.

But its so true and I know every woman will say
You preach it honey, I have seen my day
Tomorrow will be okay it seems, at least I think on this
I know we all say it, so it's not a new twist.

I feel as if I'm 20 and  can do most anything
But then I look into the mirror through all the steam
And there I am still  with all the worries and the strain
It hasn't and I feel won't ever, ever change.

So here I am in a crowd but still alone
But I know that life must goes on.

(Written for a friend of mine going through trials of life. 
20 years from now we'll never remember them, so chin up)

By Harriett Dash 2001      Home