"All Your Past Sins"

Into the sea of forgetfulness I tossed all your past sin.
It was erased from your life when you ask to come in.

I no longer remember anything in the past you have done.
It went beneath the blood of my precious son.

Not only was it covered but washed as white as snow.
You are now  one of my children where ever you may go.

The devil will tempt you and remind you of past sin.
You just remind him of his horrible end.

He won't hang around long because he knows he's fooling with me.
Resist him like I said and then watch him flee.

I am the rock of your salvation, put your trust in heaven above.
When you call on my name you will receive my love.

Its as if you were born again all past has been erased.
Because my precious Son decided to take your place.

By Harriett Dash