Age and Imagination

To grow old is not aging in years.
But it's realizing all your fears.
To lose your imagination and  your dreams.
That to me is what aging means.

Dreamers never grow old or look their age.
It seems as if they are stuck on one page.
A page that tells of youthful things.
A page full of wondrous dreams.

They see a butterfly and think of flying.
Never do they think of life as dying.
One who eats ice cream and enjoys the cone.
One who eats candy is never alone.

But when you see a child upon someone's knee.
A special look  from the holder you will see.
For in their mind, it's the mind of that child.
That gives them happiness and makes them smile.

So don't lose your imagination or lose your dreams.
Because then toward old age you will lean.
So dream on youthful person and never from youth stray.
But open the jewel box of memories from yesterday.

By Harriett Dash   March 2004      Home