A Child's Eyes

When we look through grown up eyes.
Sometimes too quick we become too wise.
Lets take a look from a child's viewpoint now.
Maybe it will change our life somehow.

You may see clearer with each passing day.
If you  look with innocence along the way.
They can teach us so much about the cares of life.
To watch out for burdens and worldly strife.

Just smile as you go along the way.
Know that God will give you another day.
Take a chance, walk in the park.
Look up at the trees and stay out after dark.

See the stars twinkle and think like a child.
Remember your childhood, it'll make you smile.
Remember cowboys and Indians and friends next door.
With bows and arrows your heart would soar.

The barefoot boy and running in the rain.
Fun and friends was all you had to gain.
Stop , look and listen its that time.
Grab and swing on the happy vine.

Come on and think of the barefoot boy.
All the inward happiness and all the inward joy.
Go back to being a boy with painless play.
Wake up again to a laughing day.


By Harriett Dash 2001