A Child In Thought

My Kelsey Ann

Have you ever watched a child caught up in thought?
And you wonder if they know they have been caught.
For you know in your heart or so it seems.
They are thinking of their very next scheme.

So quickly they turn their head and start out in motion.
A few minutes ago it was just a notion.
Oh, how quickly their little thoughts become an act.
Over the head goes a sack.

And then with holes for little eyes and nose.
A cape upon their back to do who knows.
Not a word is said just a whoop and yell.
I sometimes think they are having a spell.

But then as I watch, I can see.
That's the way all children should be.
I laugh and think back to when I was a child.
I see me in her and then I smile.

by Harriett Dash 2002