A Birthday Wish

To Morgan Dash, the beat of my heart

Its December seventeenth again my beautiful child.
I still stand in awe at your beautiful smile.
My heart is full of love when I look at you.
And I am still amazed at all that you can do.

As a child we all watched in wonder as you grew.
Never knowing what you would say or what you would do.
You got such a get and go about you that  astounds me.
It's your Mom and Dad both in you I see.

And I think a little bit of Grandma when I see you sit and stare.
And hug and love beautiful things and for people care.
I see love and a heart of beauty each time I look..
Your feelings and heart are like an open book.

You leave a memory and a thought  for everyone you meet.
As you say people skills, are a learning process in knowing how to greet.
You place a smile upon your face and then  speak your mind.
Which I  thank God is usually good and kind.

You are always full of energy and have that get up and go.
You have   always let the world around you know.
That you are alive and happy and funny as can be.
Always at your peak with a come back for the family to see.

But I just want you to know how much you mean to Popaw and me.
You'll always be our first love, because you opened our hearts  first, our Morgan Lee.
No one can take your place no matter how long the world does last.
In our hearts my Lovely, you'll always be first class.

Louise Mandrell and Morgan 

By Harriett Dash  Dec 17,2003 


(pictures not a part of web set by Penny Parker)