In some way I hope to stir up emotions within you, to make you laugh and make you cry. To let you know that life is made up of different feelings. There are people and things that happen in our life each day that will cause us to react. There are people that you meet that leave something behind for you to think about. You learn from them, you never forget them. We learn from each other. People make people what they are, so when you meet someone, know you are leaving behind a memory good or bad, happy or sad, but all in all a memory that will stay or soon be forgotten. I want to dedicate this site to my son for the inspiration he has been to me, he has been a light to my life. His father and I are so proud of him for his achievements and his dedication to God. God truly blessed us along the way by giving us the challenge to teach him the correct path to travel and we are so proud of him. 

We have learned a lot in our life time, loved and won and loved and lost,
but it was worth it all to get where we are today. You know I think back
and wonder what part of my life would I change and if I did what part of
another's life would have changed because of it.

Harriett Dash

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